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Here at Gino's Bar-B-Que, we do things the old fashioned way.

Hey Guys, We really appreciate everyone reaching out during these difficult times. Gino's has been known for years as a Company that has helped tons and tons of Ball teams, Church Groups, Cheer Teams and Any other organizations or individuals that need help with fundraisings of any kind. If you have been involved or Done one of these Fundraisers then you know how Fast and Easy the whole process is to do and Probably the Best Money making Fundraiser option for your cause. Outside of doing Fundraisers, We are helping the local grocery stores here in Smithville keep BBQ on their shelves with how crazy the chaos in our communities are right now! Adding to that and with the Supply and Demand of Meat Products in stores being really hard to keep stocked, I have decided to help the Public and surrounding communities with buying Finished Cooked Meat Products from our Location in Smithville Tennessee. Our Products are Fully Cooked and Sealed in Vacuum sealed bags for a Professional look and clean products.


Our Process will be as A CALL IN ORDER. You, as the customer, can call our Office Number at GINOS BBQ at 615-597-6400.  Our Curbside Pick-up is available Monday-Friday 8am -4pm.  When you call in, We will ask for your Name, phone number and what item(s) you want to purchase. Depending on amounts and the item, will depend on when we can schedule for you to come do the pickups. We can NOT deliver unless it is a large order that the individual just simply cannot pickup on their own but will have a delivery fee attached to the order! Again, we very very much appreciate the love and support our great town of Smithville delivers in times of need and this crisis is definitely one of these times. We are excited to help and just want to help the great folks around us insure that they have good meals for their Familys and Friends.  Again, Everything must be done by CALL IN. Also for Fundraisers, we would love to help orchestrate any fundraisers for anyone needing to raise money for any great causes! Just message me on here or contact me at Ginos at 615-597-6400. I ( JJ Beckham) personally guarantee that you will receive The Best Quality Meat Products Out There! Quality and Consistency has been a Standard of Our Company since The Day My Grandfather Marvin Beckham started the Business many many years ago! Thank you to All who help share and speak highly of our great business.

Everyone Stay Safe and Have a Blessed Day!

J.J. Beckham -VP of Operations

For a safe, convenient front door pick-up give us a call at 615-597-6400 between 8:00am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. 

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